When life intervenes

I’ve been feeling rather flat lately.

I haven’t been well, my kids haven’t been well and my husband hasn’t been well.
My seven-month-old is still waking three times a night (sometimes more, sometimes less).
For about eight or nine weeks it has just been one thing after another (only once for my hubby – being a teacher has blessed him with a rather good immune system) and it has left me depleted.
The house is a mess, which is stressing me out (I know it shouldn’t. But all I can see is mountains of work for myself piling up and up) and I don’t have the energy to do anything about it.
But most of all I feel like my emotions have been through the wringer.
I hate seeing my children sick and I tend to work my butt off to get them better.
A couple of weeks ago we were at the doctors three times in one week.
Then it was twice in one day with two different kids…
We’ve been having medication (when prescribed), blowing noses (it’s like a procession, one kid then wash my hands, the next kid then wash my hands…then me!), nose sprays, puffers…there were fevers, lethargy, grumpiness and more.
They improve and then it’s downhill we go again with something else entirely.
When your so focussed on everyone else though, it is so easy to forget yourself – and forget looking after yourself.
This has totally happened to a point. I guess it just doesn’t seem as important when everyone else needs you.
Now we’ve been through the school holidays and I have had my hubby home for a couple of weeks, as well as my eldest whose in kindergarten, things appear to be looking up.
I’m ready now to get things back on track; and that includes making myself a priority again too.
The main focus of my blog is to track my journey while I incorporate more creativity into my life.
To fit things in around the hectic nature of family life.
It isn’t going to be easy (I can tell already).
The steps will be small, but I’m hoping that in the end it will amount to something bloody amazing!

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