September in motion

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say “Slow down 2015!”
Seriously, where on earth is the time going?
With the start of September comes the start of my final month of maternity leave with my baby girl.
The past year has been a complete whirlwind as I became a mum of three, my eldest started school and my middle boy started preschool.
The next five weeks will be a crazy mix as I try and get on top of everything I can before going back to work and put routines in place that will make things go as smoothly as possible.
I’m going back with mixed emotions.
I love my children and spending time with them, but I also know I enjoy what I do, the people I work with and the fact my income means we can live comfortably as a family in our own home.
I will work four days a week, as I have done since I went back to work after my eldest was born.
Past experience means I know things can get crazy busy and I really need to work hard to ensure I don’t get too overwhelmed.
Organisation and routines will become key, especially as my goal is to have at least one day each weekend where I don’t need to do any housework and I can dedicate it solely to family time and fun.
On the list of things to do in the immediate future include cleaning out all the clothes that are too small for the kids.
It’s embarrassing really as most of the time my four-year-old gets around with pants that are way too short and shirts and jumpers that are too short in the arms.
You might think that’s a bit slack (trust me, I tell myself that too!) but I also think I’m in denial about how quickly my children are growing up.
I don’t want him in the next size up yet because I’M NOT READY!!
It’s amazing how quickly your children seem to grow – every day I look at them and wonder ‘when did that happen? You’re so tall now!’
In the lead up to returning to work I’m looking at my days and how they might idealistically look.
The goal is to have regular routines which means things go as smoothly as possible.
Laundry once a day (at least), showering at night so I don’t have to rush that in the morning (I’ve been a morning shower person for years so this will be a bit of a change), meal planning and making sure I organise as much as possible the night before so mornings will run more smoothly.
I also need to make space for creative time – and that will become even more important as time is at a premium.
Although as a journalist I write for a fair portion of my day, and it’s creative to a point, it’s not the soul-filling stuff I’m after when I talk about creative time.
I want to write for myself, keep taking photos, learn new things, express myself, listen and sing along to music, colour, draw, be inspired, read books – even write books!
Only time will tell how good I am at juggling, ha!
Are you a working parent? How do you make it work? What are your top tips for making sure things run as smoothly as possible?


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