Eating frogs

I plan on eating lots of frogs this year.

Not literally!!

I’ve been reading the book Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy and I have to say I’ve become enthused on the ideas he promotes (get more of the important things done today).
As someone who has generally been more of a thinker and planner rather than a ‘doer’ (I know, I’m my own worst enemy), there’s lots of stuff that has been on my to-do list for quite some time.
Years even.
The problem is that things have stagnated.
I’m sure my hubby has become bored of me telling him my grand plans – especially when I had difficulty achieving them. Or even starting them!
I always had an excuse. I was too busy, too tired etc, etc.
I’m a working mum (currently on maternity leave) with three young children and a hubby so being busy and tired is just part of the gig.
I just haven’t been taking the steps I need to, to make a difference in my life.
Instead I’ve been focussed on the minutiae of life. The small stuff.
I’ve got some big things I want to achieve for myself and my family in the next few years.
One of Brian’s tips is the power of the written goal (he talks about creating monthly, weekly and daily lists).
It involves writing down your big goals and breaking them down into small steps so you can make small steps each day to achieve your goal. Now is the time.
Some of my big goals include making time for creativity, decluttering and organising my home and focusing on health and fitness.
I think, in a way, all these things are interlinked.
In a decluttered home I won’t be spending time looking at everything that ‘needs’ to be done.
I will have more time to spend on my creative pursuits and more space to achieve them (heck, I might even be able to create a little space of my own just for that purpose).
When I’m more fit and healthy I will have more energy and again, won’t feel the guilt for not exercising or eating well.
With small kids there isn’t a lot of time in the day but I’m refusing to give that limiting belief any more space in my head.
The time I do have I can use better.
It is about making my goals a priority and taking small steps each day.
It is time to banish the old self-limiting stories I’ve been telling myself and take action.
Let’s do this!!

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