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Hey there, so glad you stopped by!

I’m Lauren, a married mum of three young children who lives on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

When I’m not spending time with my family or working (I’m a part-time journalist at my local newspaper), I can be found losing myself in the social media vortex, drinking cups of tea, watching TV or Netflix and reading.

I’ve got a mission though and it’s something I hope you can either follow along with or join in with me.

I’m set to embark on a journey of creative exploration and expansion; discover and try things I’ve never tried (or necessarily heard of) before, challenge myself and experiment, take small steps to learn (and relearn) skills, create new habits, laugh at my stuff ups, cringe at the truly awful stuff, be inspired and chat to some incredibly talented people.

I grew up singing, dancing, acting, and playing the piano, have performed on stage in eisteddfods, plays and musical theatre, love writing and in the past few years started getting into photography.

Becoming a mum meant some (well, pretty much all) of these things fell by the wayside and putting myself last saw me lose myself in a pretty significant way. Although my children bring me plenty of joy, life became a drag of responsibilities and obligations – not so fun!

By bringing this stuff back into my life I’m also bringing myself back in a big way, which is really important to me.

Thanks again for being here.

If you want to say hi you can email me here: lauren@laurengreencreative.com

You can also find me on Facebook: Lauren Green Creative

And Instagram: laurengreencreative

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